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Every Business Is A Puzzle

Benjamin Little loves puzzles. A process efficiency expert, Benjamin is adroit at finding new novel process solutions for your small to mid-sized, manufacturing and distribution company. He believes that business can always be done more efficiently, more ethically and more pleasurably and that new and exciting ways to do business are to be found in the solutions of open minded, forward thinking companies. Whether the solution is technological, organizational, process driven or some combination, he will grow your bottom line and help your company discover new potential.

As a student at University of Chicago, Benjamin kindled his lifelong love of complex systems while studying biology, with a focus on ecology and evolutionary studies. These studies required both an incredible attention to detail and an ability to think in the abstract for a ‘big picture’ view. For Benjamin, being both analytical and creative, these sorts of mental challenges were perfect, puzzles that let him approach the scenarios from multiple directions at once and take lines of reasoning out to almost fractal levels.

He also pursued an independent, supervised, multi-disciplinary research project on evolutionary behavior in tube worms that afforded him a great deal of extra time to hone his skills as it prevented him from getting invited to any of the good parties.

Benjamin has an engaging manner and a quick, but often irreverent wit that makes him easy to work with and much in demand as an advisor and process expert. Also from years in academia, business and a little teaching he speaks executive, nerd and normal person with equal fluency and is skilled in conveying specialized ideas in plain English.

Relentless, pedantic and even arcane are terms that Benjamin’s friends, family and co-workers used in describing in him for much of his early life. It wasn’t until well into adulthood that he was formally diagnosed with ADHD and some context was given to those descriptors. “Like a Ferrari with four flat tires,” is how one of his doctors described the way his brain works, but Benjamin rejects the idea of ADHD as a handicap seeing it as gift and the reason he can do all the things he can.

Before founding Benjamin Little Solutions LLC, Benjamin worked at West Pharmaceutical Services, a leading manufacturer for drug delivery systems and packaging. Years later, he jumped on an opportunity to move to Australia and work at Device Technologies Australia, the largest wholly Australian-owned medical device distribution company.

Australia was where he first developed his taste for business modeling and process analysis. Given the opportunity to do work that was influential on both the departmental and company level he spearheaded numerous key projects, including a novel High Volume-Low Margin business model, featuring a subscription-based inventory distribution system for hospital consumables based around the philosophy, “If our products aren’t exciting, our processes must be exemplary.”

Today, Benjamin’s clients hire him to solve their biggest strategic challenges: streamline processes and organize operations in order to increase performance and maximize output. His clients are confident that he will take high-level concepts and create accessible solutions that are right for their project and budget. Additionally, he tirelessly explores and absorbs information on the newest of technologies to stay ahead of not just the current curve, but the next one, too!

When not working on his, or someone else’s, company Benjamin is frequently engaging his mind with a variety of board games or abusing his body at the gym where he is training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). He currently holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is working on his first prajiet in Muay Thai. He holds a healthy irreverence for the stifling normalcy of the cube farm and is easy to spot in a crowd with his Robert Graham shirts and oft flamboyant socks. The last time he wore a white dress shirt it was accompanied by a top hat and monocle. It was not at a wedding or costume party.

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