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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a hatchet man?

Absolutely not! This is without a doubt the one question that comes up in over 90% of conversations where I mention my job. I have no interest in cutting headcount, streamlining, rightsizing, rebalancing or shit-canning anyone. You hired your staff for reasons. As long as the reasons were good I would rather see you have same excellent staff with better tools to let them excel than half the staff with the same tools they’re using now. That’s not better, it’s just cheaper.

And if the reasons weren’t so good, that’s not an efficiency issue.

Are you a penny pincher?

No. I’m not an accountant or a tax attorney. I try and avoid giving specific financial advice whenever possible. The vast majority of solutions I offer are organizational and process based. While adoption may require some initial financial outlay it is usually relatively minor. If I feel that a much larger investment of any kind is required I will work with your in-house financial people on specific numbers.

What’s up with talking about your mental illness in your bio?

I don’t really consider it a mental illness. Please see my essay about how I make ADHD into one of my most valuable tools here.

How quickly can I schedule an initial visit?

As a one man operation my availability can vary wildly from week to week. I do, however, value all potential clients and make a point of returning any contact as promptly as possible. If you have a specific time frame that you need to work within I would advise that you mention that in your initial contact and I will do my best to accommodate you or let you know that I cannot take the job.

Do you accept long term retainer jobs?

Due to demand and the aforementioned shortage of additional me I generally avoid taking retainer style jobs. An exception to this is the potential for scheduled audit “checkups” to see how your implementation has taken at set intervals in the future.

Do you have any kind of guarantees?

Your success is my success and I take great pride in ensuring total client satisfaction. To that end I offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on any of my services. During that period if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of my work please contact me and I will do my utmost to remedy the situation.

Contact me to request a meeting.