…. and your votes don’t count! Electoral Inefficiency pt. 3
November 8, 2016
The Fallout – Now people are talking.
December 9, 2016

A quick clarification on my previous post.

OK, its two in the morning and we’re still waiting for the final results of the election, although at this point it really is all over but for the shouting.

In watching the live results come in I realize that I need to clarify a small thing about what I said earlier regarding the winner take all nature of the Electoral College. I made a big deal of the idea of needing to get over 50% of the votes cast in a given state to gain its Electoral votes. Strictly speaking, that’s only true in the case of a true two party run off. When more than two parties are represented it is possible to take the state with less than 50%.

As it stands now, with the numbers reported by Associated Press Trump has won Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin with less than half the votes cast in that state. In Utah he only pulled in 44%. Clinton pulled similar non-win wins in Colorado (which had 22 candidates on the ballot, including five whose listed party was “Other”), Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Virginia. That’s 12 of our 50 states (24%) that went the most popular candidate, who still wasn’t popular enough to get an actual majority.

Still, at least with the “safe line” never being crossed everyone’s vote actually counted in those states.

I’m very curious to see what to popular vote breakdown looks like.

See you all soon.