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How I Work

No two companies are the same and I do not believe in pre-packaged, cookie cutter solutions. I do believe in in-depth assessment of all aspects of a company’s processes followed by a bespoke solution plan tailored to your company’s current situation and goals. Specifically what I offer are the following services;

Process Audit

I recommend all projects start with this. Process audits typically take between 1-3 days, depending on the size of your company. During that time I will need to tour the company and see how your business processes work. We can put particular emphasis on any areas that you think need work but it is also essential to get a solid big picture overview. I will speak with people across all departments and at multiple levels to get their perspective on how things are run. It is important that this is possible in a way that is both candid and feels safe for the employee.

After the audit I will provide you with a brief, detailing what I see as trouble spots, that I am more than happy to discuss in person with you and your team. At this stage, if you want to pursue your own solutions you are well welcome to; either way I know my audit will be helpful. However if you would like some assistance implementing my recommendations, I would encourage you to hire me.

Process Solutions Plan

Taking what I have learned about your company, I will create a detailed plan to help address the issues identified in the audit. I will work to a mutually agreeable timeline and you can be as involved in the process or as hands off as you like. When I am done you will have a simple report addressing each issue in plain English along with my proposed solutions. If the solutions are technological in nature I will research several alternatives and provide you with pros and cons for each. If you want I can assist in setting up implementation of the new plan for you as well.

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